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E-Safety Warning - ROBLOX - 27.02.19

We are writing to you in relation to an online safeguarding concern that we have been informed of by our local Safeguarding Officers and West Yorkshire Police.


Momo is a cartoon character that is being used by online hackers to scare children and to encourage them to self-harm, popping up on screen whilst children are accessing different apps and games.  They are also trying to gain information from the children or by hacking the computer or device.


This was reported on BBC News Online and quoted the following: "A 'curse contact' sends a number and tells you to contact them on WhatsApp.”

"One video of such an interaction in America I've seen, shows an ominous-sounding voice recording being sent to a child telling them to take a knife to their own throat.”

"Another threatens family if a 'challenge' is not completed.”

"There are numerous variations and of course now imitators."

The information is shared with you to help you to keep you and your children safe. Please see the guide above for more information and advice.

Kind Regards
Miss M Hargreaves
Executive Headteacher


Free Age Ratings Online Safety Poster for Parents - 06.02.19

Happy #WakeUpWednesday!

As parents and carers, it can be challenging to determine whether or not content is appropriate for our children. That's where BBFC and PEGI age ratings come in...

This #WakeUpWednesday we're guiding parents through the complex world of BBFC and PEGI age ratings for films, TV, music videos and games. Please share our FREE online safety guide for schools to distribute to their community.

Please find below links to share this free poster for schools:


Bradford District Cyber Team - 26.11.18

We have received reports from several 9-11 year olds across the Bradford District regarding them being approached online, predominantly on PlayStation 4 Network, via a user under the name of ‘Amanda’.

Concern has been raised that this individual is talking to children from the Bradford District, firstly making derogatory comments to them and secondly trying to persuade the children to meet them in Bradford. This concern has been passed to the Police who are looking into the matter.

Please can children and parents be reminded about online safeguarding and talking to strangers online. If parents or pupils raise concerns regarding this or have any further information please provide this to your cyber PCSO or contact the Police via 101.

Bradford District Cyber Team

Fornite - November 2018 

Dear Parents/Carers,

We wish to make you aware of a local and national risk linked to the game Fortnite - Certificate 12. There is an emerging trend, where people are playing strip Fortnite using webcams. The rule is that when you achieve a “kill” you have to strip off, potentially adding an additional risk of children being exposed to and/or sharing indecent images whilst playing the game.

Kind regards,


Executive Headteacher
Clayton St John