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Learning our way forward together in God’s love

"Learning our way forward together with God's love"

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Class Promise
We always try our best and support each other when we are learning 
We will be kind, friendly and always look after others 
We will tidy up and look after our classroom
We will try to come to school every day and on time
We will make each other feel welcome and happy in our class

Class Target
To line up quietly and smartly.

Movie Party.

Class Prayer
Dear God
Thank you for our food and drink.
Thank you for teachers and friends.
Thank you for our school and keeping us all safe.

Pirate DayPirate Day10 May 2017What did you like about your Pirate Day...
Pirate Day

It's thumbs up for noodles on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

2CJ had lots of fun investigating different numbers on number day.

Number Day

Here are a few photographs for you from 2CJ's superhero day.