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Learning our way forward together in God’s love

"Learning our way forward together with God's love"  Friday 22 June - St. John Family Fun Day . Saturday 23 June 11am-2pm Early Years Family Fun Day.

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5SG Easter Competition Entries

Easter Competition


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Class promise

To ourselves…
In 5SG, we promise to behave well all year. We will try not to get any strikes and earn as many house points as possible. We promise to work hard all year and try our best in every lesson.

To each other…
We will share all the equipment in class, and treat it with respect. We promise to treat people the way we would want to be treated. We promise to try and get along with each other. We will use good manners wherever possible. We will listen to each other when someone is speaking.

To our adults…
We promise to listen carefully when an adult is speaking. When we are asked to stop doing something, we will. We will not talk when the teacher is talking. We will show good behaviour at all times. We promise to respect all the adults in school. We will use good manners at all times. In lessons, we will put our hands up when we want to speak. Finally, we promise to work hard in every lesson.