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Learning our way forward together in God’s love

"Learning our way forward together with God's love"  Friday 22 June - St. John Family Fun Day . Saturday 23 June 11am-2pm Early Years Family Fun Day.

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Class Promise
We promise to treat others with respect by listening carefully, accepting other people’s points of view and using kind hands and words to be patient and tolerant.
We will work hard to improve at our learning and be a good partner to others within our groups, so that we are a successful team.
We know we should take care of the school and all our resources so we will keep things tidy and use equipment sensibly. We will try to make good choices at all times.
4DH Class Targets
1.         Enter the classroom quietly and sensibly, making sure that you have been to the toilet, refilled your bottle and had a drink. Sit down in your place and be ready.
2.    When you are working, use ‘classroom voices’ so that everyone can concentrate on doing good learning.
3.    Be determined to never give up and work well in your group, as part of the class team.
4.    When lining up, always remember the 4 ‘S’s...
straight, smart, silent and sensible.