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Growing together in God's love

"Growing together in God's Love"

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Class Target
To keep our tables neat and our chairs on four legs and pushed in.
Class Promise
• We promise to come into school determined to learn. To line up sensibly with smart hands and to be in the line by twenty to nine.
• We promise to always respect people in school, and be kind to each other and we will look after each other.
• We promise to put our hand up if we need an adult. We will always try our best at learning and listening.
• We promise to always try our best in every lesson no matter what.
• We will always use our manners ever school day and have fun!

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We have lots of equipment to help us with our learning and have enjoyed working together. Sometimes we even get to be the teacher to share our knowledge with others!

Maths Lessons

To introduce our new English unit the classroom was turned into an Invention Room! We had to hunt for QR codes hidden around the classroom and when we had answered each question, correctly, we received a piece of the text jigsaw to put together. There were 12 QR codes that we had to find in total, plus a bonus challenge if we completed everything.

Inventing Room

Year 3 have made some super caves for their homework project to link with our topic. Here is a selection of some of the children’s creations in Roald Dahl class.


On a Wednesday morning, Mr B has been in to teach us Boxercise!
We have learnt lots of techniques such as how to stand correctly and how to jab, cross and do an upper cut! We know how to be safe during boxercise and we know we are only to use these techniques in our PE sessions.

Harrison “Boxercise is really fun’
Hajdi “I love it! We know about safety and it’s good for our body and it’s fun!”
We play lots of games to warm up, like traffic lights and are really enjoying it!


For the start of our poetry writing, we entered the Cave of Curiosity. Our classroom was transformed with pictures, lights and music and we created some great descriptive sentences.

Cave of Curiosity

Roald Dahl class enjoyed learning different yoga positions to the Harry Potter story.


These are our talk for writing actions when we looked at information texts. Can you remember what each action stands for?

Talk for Writing