Clayton St. John C of E Primary School

Learning our way forward together in God’s love

"Learning our way forward together with God's love"

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Mission Statement

Clayton St John CofE Primary strives to be a school where children can celebrate the successes of their learning and achievements, can realise and exceed their potential through quality teaching and learning, can communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and develop the skills and attributes necessary to be positive future citizens in our changing society.



Our Guiding Principles

At Clayton St John CofE Primary we pride ourselves on developing a positive ethos built on the foundations of the Christian faith. This ethos is based on the following values and principles that, as stakeholders, we all aim to uphold:




R: Resilience- Trying our best to work hard, we never give up when things get difficult. We show the determination and strength to learn from our mistakes, showing our courage and self-belief.

E: Enjoyment- We are motivated by our family, friends and teachers and rejoice in God’s love; we are fulfilled by all that this brings. Our love of learning is inspired through fun, creativity, curiosity and excitement.

S: Security- The love, care and responsibility we are given make us feel safe at school. We value honesty and trust and achieve more when we feel protected.

P: Pride-When we achieve success we feel fulfilled and satisfied. We are happy for each other and confident in all we believe.

E: Excellence- We challenge ourselves and one another with high expectations and aspirations. Together God’s greatness, we achieve brilliance through our efforts and dedication.

C: Collaboration- Working together, sharing and helping, we respect our differences and listen to each other. We are a team built on trust and co-operation, celebrating diversity and acceptance.

T: Trust- With faith in God’s love and each other, we show kindness, loyalty and patience. We are a strong community, helping each other by showing forgiveness and honesty.​